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Snow Shovels, Shovels, rakes, gloves, tie-downs, paint brushes, twist ties, funnels, twine, galvanized garbage cans, booster cables, boots, wood pellets, Zipties, batteries, tarps, and more!

Boots, Mucks, small and large shovels, rakes, and other garden tools, hoses, lawn seed, fertilizer, pesticides, buckets, wheelbarrows, adult gloves and knee pads, bug spray, rodent and pest traps, children's gloves, aprons, sprinklers, spray nozzles, weed eater line and more.

We have canning supplies including pressure canners, jars, lids, pectin, pickling salt, jar lifters, funnels, and canning books.  We also have books on dehydrating food, cheese making and more!

Floating tank de-icer, Galvanized pails, Oval feeders, Hookover feeders, Flat-back buckets, Rubber pan feeders, Pan feeders, Corner feeders, Duratote, corner feeders, Auto-waterer, Anti-Siphon auto-float valve, plastic Scoop-n-Fill.

Gates - 4ft - 16ft (6 Bar, wire filled) Electric fence wire, Fence charger, metal T-posts (6ft heavy duty), wooden fence posts (8ft high, 4 in round) insulators, Fence pliers, Fence stretchers, Electric fence handles, Poultry netting in a variety of sizes, heights and lengths, Polytape electric fence, electric fence insulators, and Electric tester. Gates from 6 to 16 feet!

Feeders and waterers, brooders, heat lights, egg cartons, nesting boxes. We carry a variety of chickens, turkeys, and ducklings in the spring.  These birds are seasonal so we don't carry them year round.

We have products for skin, coat and pest management.  We also carry a variety of brushes, stall pellets, thrush care, hoof care products, Supermasks, Hamilton halters, Poly leads, grooming bags, saddle horn bags, leather care products, showsheen and more!

We carry a wide variety of Kong products, Booda Bones, Nyla Bones, Chuck-it products, Squeaky Toys, rubber tires for the avid chewer, and Hard Core brand toys, to name a few. 

All sizes of leather circle collars and nylon Coastal leads, Leather and nylon leads, John Deere collars, leads, reflective collars, camouflage collars and leads, orange safety collars, Titan choke chain collars, training collars and tie-outs.

Litter scoops, Litter pan w/rim lid, Feline Pine litter, Intregrity litter, Kitty Crumble eco-friendly litter, Scratching posts, and Covered litter pan. Refillable Cat nip toys, Kong, Furry mice, and more treats and toys.

Water bottles and Feeders, a variety of treats,  salt spools, harnesses and leads, toys, litter pans, hutches and cages.