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Some of our store animals, Tillie the sheep and Eddy the Goat

Dog & Cat Food

We offer a variety of dry pet foods, such as Candiae, Simply Pure, Diamond, Taste of the Wild, Tuscan Natural pet foods. 

Cat and Dog canned food brands are Best Feline Friends and Canidae.

We have a variety of feeds from Elenbaas and Albers including Layer Pellet and Crumble, Oyster Shell, Scratch, Turkey and Duck feed, Cracked Corn, Starters, Developers and Finishers.  We also have Flock Block, seeds and supplements in a block form.  

Some of our most popular poultry products are:
50# Ellenbaas Layer Pellet & Layer Crumble                                           50# Scratch   

Country Critters all purpose feed, Hog Grower, Grain with and without molasses, Llama Plus pellets, Ellenbaas Golden Era for the senior horse, Pro-Show Goat, Lactating Dairy Goat, Rolled oats, Barley, Beet Pulp, Milk Replacer (calf, kid), Rabbit Feed

Popular livestock feeds:
50# Show Goat                                                                              50#  16% Pig Grower   
50#  Country Critters 14%  

  Iodized Salt brick, Iodized Salt block, Sheep Block, and Goat Block, Trace mineral salt block, Trace mineral w/Selenium block.

Humming bird feeders, Corn Cobs, thistle sack, bird feeders, Black Oil Sunflower, Peanuts in and out of the shell, Thistle/Nyjer seed, Premium Wild Bird Seed, Black Stripped Sunflower, Sunflower Chips, Squirrel & Jay Mix, finch feeders, and a variety of suet flavors. We can also order in your Pigeon Feed - call for pricing.

Mini bales of Alfalfa and Timothy Hay; Hay, Straw, Cedar Shavings, and Pine Shavings.

Apple & Oat horse treats, assorted dog biscuits, pig ears, hooves, assorted size dog bones, Cat  treats and Rabbit treats.